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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this better than other anchors?
It installs in seconds with only a hammer. No pre-drilling is required. It leaves a smaller hole than the competitors. And the patented double-hinge design ensures the strongest hold possible for a hammer-in anchor. For full details, see our “Advantages” section.

What tools do I need?
All you need is a hammer and a number 2 Philips screwdriver.

Can I remove it?
Sure. Just remove the screw most of the way, grab it between your fingers and pull out the anchor. Alternatively, you can remove the screw all the way, grab the anchor head with your fingernails and work it out.

What screw should I use?
You must only use the flat-head screws provided in the package. The use of any other screw may result in the failure of the anchor.

What size hole does it leave?
Because WallClaw acts like a nail, it leaves a very small hole when you remove it.



Installs in Seconds!

WallClaw™ requires no pre-drilling

Just hammer it into the wall like a nail.  It takes seconds.  When a screw is driven into the anchor, it causes the anchor tip to bend against the back of the wallboard, locking the anchor in place.

Installation Instructions

Product Specification Sheet